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Jan 28 ∆ Art Show / Extended Listening Party

Interpretation, please

The nights are long and the days are cold.

With lean times on the mind, we set out to create a Dust Bowl record. We found our way through the 1939 World’s Fair instead. The dreamers of yesteryear looked to the future to lift themselves from a Great Depression. It’s January in Minneapolis. The timing couldn’t be better for an exhibition of our own.

We’ve asked 12 artists whose work we love to interpret each song from our new album, World of Tomorrow, in any fashion they see fit. Each piece will be on display near a listening station, where visitors may offer their interpretations.

For the truly curious, we’ll be leading walking tours of the entire exhibit every Saturday at 1pm, playing an acoustic set of the album and offering our interpretations.

INTERPRETATION, PLEASE will open on Monday, January 28 at the Grain Belt Bottling House (Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm) and continue at Forage Modern Workshop, starting Monday, February 18 (every day, 10am-8pm).

We can’t believe our good fortune in collaborating with such incredible artists.

Help us spread the word.

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