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November 13

September 15, 2015 in Interviews, news

The Glass Cube

We paid a few visits to Ralph Rapson’s famed Glass Cube in Western Wisconsin. Check out our recent interview in Architecture MN magazine and watch for a new music video from Corey Gaffer and a performance in the Cube for the series spaces.

January 24, 2015 in album, news

Cosmic Navigators

We were grasping for words and cornering sounds, As the harvest moon emptied and filled herself again. Now the winter constellations offer advice, “Less hi-hat.” “More hi-hat.” “Upside-down, reversed, purple hi-hat.” It’s possible these stars are just lonely or bored and only still talking to keep us around. A second possibility: we have yet to

November 11, 2013 in album, art, history, news, video

New Video: Foshay

Our friend, Braden Lee, beautifully constructed this gorgeous companion piece for our ode to the first skyscraper west of the Mississippi, and the man behind the spire.

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Thanks to MN Original for featuring us on the season premiere of Twin Cities Public Television’s award-winning arts series last Sunday night. We’re big fans. We performed live in Studio A before a 30 ft. likeness of Big Bird. The cages were for our own protection. #sharkweek

October 18, 2013 in live, news, shows

November Residency ∆ Amsterdam Bar and Hall

We’re pleased to announce our November residency, Wednesdays, at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall in Saint Paul. We’ll be sharing the evenings with a number of fine musicians and viewers like you. 11/6 Strange Relations, The Brighton // 8pm / Free Admission / 21+ 11/13 Grant Hart (Sound Unseen Film/Music/Art Fest) // 8:30pm / $10

October 17, 2013 in news, video

New Video: The Chemic Drop

Many thanks to Dan Stewart, who shot and edited us playing among the printed catacombs of the historic James J. Hill Library (founded by deceased Minnesotan and railroad tycoon, James J. Hill) and The Library Recording Studio (founded by living Minnesotan and production tycoon, Matt Patrick). Here’s to the written word – its death, burial

September 6, 2013 in news, video

New Video: Leviathan

Cheers to Will Keeler, who directed and filmed us through the forests and plains of Minnesota last March, with the help of some friends and their drone cameras. We enjoyed the chase. Well, truth be told, one of us had the stomach flu. And mostly enjoyed the part where he stopped being chased. Check out

August 4, 2013 in album, art, news

Color Chaos Gold

We’re currently planning fall shows, some regional touring, and the release of several music videos. I’ve been writing a lot of new songs over the last month or so and thinking through the next album. Here’s something that got me thinking through the last album – a poem I wrote for class. The assignment: describe

May 17, 2013 in news, video

Coming Soon

A new music video is on the way. Sacrifices were made.

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