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November 13

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Northern Spark ∆ Per Aspera Ad Astra

You are a crew member aboard spacecraft Aspera. You’ve just awoken from hypersleep on an interstellar flight. Good morning. The ship’s been on auto-pilot for hundreds of years. But now, it’s up to you to keep the ship intact. Certainly, your memory’s a little foggy. Trust your instincts. Follow the instructions. You’ll do fine. Your

November 11, 2013 in album, art, history, news, video

New Video: Foshay

Our friend, Braden Lee, beautifully constructed this gorgeous companion piece for our ode to the first skyscraper west of the Mississippi, and the man behind the spire.

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Color Chaos Gold

We’re currently planning fall shows, some regional touring, and the release of several music videos. I’ve been writing a lot of new songs over the last month or so and thinking through the next album. Here’s something that got me thinking through the last album – a poem I wrote for class. The assignment: describe

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Interpretation, Please: at Forage Modern Workshop ∆ Now through March 1

Our interactive art exhibition, INTERPRETATION, PLEASE, is making its second appearance at Forage Modern Worksop in Minneapolis, now through March 1, open daily from 10am-8pm. We’ll host our final acoustic walking tour: Saturday, February 23 | 1pm. Lots of good people involved. This is something you should see.

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Thanks to Secrets of the City for the kind words in anticipation of our exhibition opening today. INTERPRETATION, PLEASE is now open Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm at the Grain Belt Bottling House in Minneapolis, featuring the interpretive work of these amazing artists. Gary Wolfe | The Chemic Drop Andy Sturdevant & Andy DuCett | Prometheus, Glow! Jennifer

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New Video: No Encores

January 14, 2013 in album, art, news

Jan 28 ∆ Art Show / Extended Listening Party

The nights are long and the days are cold. With lean times on the mind, we set out to create a Dust Bowl record. We found our way through the 1939 World’s Fair instead. The dreamers of yesteryear looked to the future to lift themselves from a Great Depression. It’s January in Minneapolis. The timing

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January 26 ∆ Album Release Show

We’re so pleased to announce this show and line-up. We’re excited about the new album. We hope you are too. We’ve asked 12 artists to create a piece of art in response to each song. These pieces will be on display at the show as well as an upcoming exhibit. More to come on that…

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