1. Greycoats plays rock. Indie rock. Electric guitars and driving drums. Melodramatic indie theater rock Stadium indie. Oh, hell: If Pollock painted in abstract expressionism, then World of Tomorrow is tangible art—concrete expressionism. 

2. World of Tomorrow is: tragic, comic, epic, salutary, keen, looming, spooky, surreal; deconstructive, reconstructive, obfuscating, clarifying; head-bobbing, hip-shaking, slightly-swaying, brow-furrowing, dream-igniting, tension-building, memory-inducing; asphyxiating, somber, discombobulating, cerebral, ruminative, utopian, hopeful; poetic, swooning, upbeat, experimental, poppy, dissonant, dramatic.

3. This album is about the 1939 World’s Fair. It’s also about the Foshay Tower, demigods, mythological monsters and milk and honey and the past and the future and the now. 

4. The aforementioned “aboutness” only scratches the surface of the piled-on allusions. Images are convoluted, metaphors mixed as if each song contains its own collage within a greater collage, like one giant photo mosaic.

5. I hate the term, but Greycoats plays art rock. These are songs shaped, honed, crafted and translated in a way that may make more sense next to an Anselm Kiefer painting than if played on a DJ’s Saturday night playlist. 

6. Imagine if you took British Sea Power and Muse’s favor for The Rococo, Radiohead’s commotion, Grizzly Bear’s opaqueness, Twin Shadow’s mellow groove, Arcade Fire’s acuity, U2’s optimism, Morrissey’s croon, Andrew Bird’s velvet voice, Chris Martin’s fetching charm, Jeremy Ylvisaker’s (of Andrew Bird fame) production, John Steinbeck, Sir Thomas More, a newspaper from the 1920’s, two cups-too-many of coffee, and a disposition toward monotheism and disappointment and relentless daydreaming, then you might get something like World of Tomorrow

- Joshua Cook

Featured Songs on
Gossip Girl (CW)
Orange is the New Black (Netflix)
Teen Mom 3 (MTV)
Witches of East End (Lifetime)

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